I have always loved horses and since I can remember and on top of every wish list was always a horse..
I’m born and raised in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden with my parents and a younger brother. My parents put me into a riding school when I was 8 years old and it didn’t take long until I was hooked. However, even though all I wanted to do was to ride I was still scared of it!
With some great riding instructors and the patience of my parents I overcame my fear and started riding more and more. I joined a vaulting group for a couple of years and combined my love for dancing and horses.

As a 14 year old my dream finally came true, I got my first pony – Mad Max.
He was a bay, 5 year old gelding – New Forest Pony and absolutely gorgeous!
I then started with some more training,I loved dressage and Max loved to jump so we did both for a while.
The more I learnt I realised I wanted to start focusing on dressage (had nothing to do with the many unsuccessful showjumping outings..). I found Jessica Nordin and Vena Dressage center and started to train with her, I kept Max with Jessica but she also gave me the opportunity to compete one of her ponies, Touchwood Watson, to gain more experience.

Dressage became the main focus
2009 was a big turning point for me as me and my family decided to move from ponies to horses and got my first real dressage horse, Troy. A big, dutch, grey dream horse!


My training with Jessica continued and I was now also getting help from David Hunt who came once a month to Gothenburg. Alongside all this training Jessica let me ride her horses and I was working there in the summers, by this point I did anything to be around horses as much as possible!

We also had a horse together for half a year for me to learn even more and get to ride a young mare… which wasn’t the easiest all of times.
Me and Troy competed to just below Prix St George when I graduated from school in 2011 and we set off on new adventures…

Moving to England
25th July 2011 Me, Jessica and Troy set off for England! We all had decided that I was going to gain experience in a different country and we went to Becky Moody in south Yorkshire (who also trains with David) to work and train for 6 months…

The team kept growing
After 4 months at Moody Dressage I got my hands on a second horse, a horse that has changed my career and life, Don Angelo (Donald).

With two horses in training, a fulltime grooms job and me loving life, 6 months quickly turned into a year and a year turned into two.
Lots of experience gained, I had been to many many shows and both horses were competing Prix St George/Inter I.
Me and Troy had done our first internationals at Young Rider level both in Addington and Hickstead.

Moving south
In the start of 2014 a new chapter started for me and the boys, we moved south to Nicky Barrett.

After only a few months there we steered to our first abroad International show and I brought both horses to start Small Tour in Madrid at Club de Campo. By being a first timer abroad with the horses I learnt a lot and with one calm and easy horse and one fire breathing dragon we realized it was a long way to go.

We continued Small Tour on both horses until the end of the summer and then we stepped up the game. I started Inter II on both and Donald got to do the U25 GP.
Already in the end of 2014 me and Donald did our first international U25 GP in a very cold Roosendaal.

Focusing on Don Angelo
In the spring of 2015 we sold Troy to give me the chance to focus on Donald fully and it proved to precisely the right thing to do as he very much enjoyed being the ”only one”..
We went back to Madrid for two weeks to do the U25 competitions and later we did our first German show in Hagen.

Me and Donald continued our training with Nicky but we moved stables to Farley Hall Equestrian Center, it built up my career as a trainer and rider as I got a lot more busy.

Team bronze in the European Championship
2016 was a full competition year for me and Donald, we began with a month in Spain, Jerez de la Frontera and Valencia and we did our first Senior Grand Prix!
We then did one more show in France to chase the results for the first ever U25 European Championship which was held in Germany in June. We made the team which is the first time I had represented Sweden in a team and we got team Bronze!

In the end of 2016 we could make space for a new partner, Dirigivel – a 8 year old Lusitano stallion!


3 wins and a gold medal on home ground
We came out strong in 2017 with the first show in May and then me and my partner in crime Donald made the trip to the Swedish Championships. First ever Swedish Championships for me and the first time I had done a national show in Sweden for over 6 years, it felt good to be back on home ground. Donald did not disappoint and we came home with 3 wins and the gold medal! With that result we were allowed to compete in Aachen (every riders dream show) and we also were selected to the U25 European team for a second year.

Bronze at the U25 EC
This year too, we got a bronze medal in teams at the U25 European Championships!
Divi had to take the passenger seat over 2017 but we did our first show in the start of October and for our second competition together we won an Inter II.

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I work with a small but very professional team, we all have years of experience and we provide the best possibilities for our horses to perform well. Contact me for more information about sponsorships, livery and other services.

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